Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Images in Clinical Medicine

Editor: V. Dimov, M.D., Assistant Professor at University of Chicago

Traumatic Tension Pneumothorax Causing Heart Rotation. NEJM, 05/2014.
Pulmonary Emboli Caused by Mercury. NEJM, 11/2013.
Aquagenic Wrinkling (keratoderma) of Palms in Cystic Fibrosis. NEJM, 05/2012.
Meconium-like Ileus in Cystic Fibrosis. NEJM, 05/2012.
Barium Aspiration. NEJM, 03/2012.
Westermark Sign in Pulmonary Embolism. NEJM, 03/2012.
Hypertrophic Pulmonary Osteoarthropathy and Tripe Palms due to lung cancer. NEJM, 01/2012.
Lung Herniation after Cough-Induced Rupture of Intercostal Muscle. NEJM, 01/2012.
Paragonimiasis. NEJM, 01/2012.
A Tension Bulla Mimicking Tension Pneumothorax. NEJM, 11/2011.
Lung Herniation after Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery. NEJM, 08/2011.
“Thumb Sign” of Epiglottitis. NEJM, 08/2011.
Differential Clubbing and Cyanosis Due to Eisenmenger's Syndrome. NEJM, 02/2011.
Lingual Hematoma after Thrombolytic Therapy. NEJM, 02/2011.
A Photosensitive Dermatitis in the Intensive Care Unit due to pellagra-like dermatitis. NEJM, 01/2011.
The Jaw-Thrust Maneuver. NEJM, 11/2010.
Acoustic Findings in a Patient with Radiation Pneumonitis. NEJM, 11/2010.
Funnel Chest. NEJM, 10/2010.
Allen's Test. NEJM, 09/2010.
Erythema Gyratum Repens. NEJM, 05/2010.
Morgagni's Hernia. NEJM, 05/2010.
Varicella Pneumonia in an Adult. NEJM, 03/2010.
Spontaneous Tension Pneumothorax. NEJM, 03/2010.
Hydropneumothorax. NEJM, 01/2010.
Reversal of Laryngeal Paresis in non–small-cell lung cancer. NEJM, 12/2007.
Severe Kyphosis. NEJM, 06/2008.
Dynamic Tumor Staging. NEJM, 07/2008.
Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis. NEJM, 08/2008.
New-Onset Clubbing Associated with Lung Cancer. NEJM, 09/2008.
What Lies Beneath a Pacemaker? Bronchogenic Adenocarcinoma. NEJM, 10/2008.
Recurrent Aspiration Pneumonia. NEJM, 11/2008.
"Popcorn" Calcifications in a Pulmonary Chondroid Hamartoma. NEJM, 03/2009.
Widened Mediastinum: Mediastinal Extension of a Goiter. NEJM, 03/2009.
Pulmonary Arteriovenous Fistula. NEJM, 04/2009.
Infection 57 Years after Plombage. NEJM, 06/2009.
Plombage Cavities. NEJM, 06/2009.
Chest radiography of life-supporting medical interventions labeled from A to K. Lancet, 08/2009.
Unilateral Epistaxis. NEJM, 08/2009.
Unilateral Rhinorrhea in Allergic Rhinitis Due to... Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak. NEJM, 10/2009.
A breathless woman with asthma. BMJ Picture Quiz, 10/2009.
Intrathoracic Rib. NEJM, 12/2009.
Video: Coughing and Masks. NEJM, 12/2009.
Radiation Pneumonitis after Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer. NEJM, 12/2009.
Postoperative Tracheal Stenosis. NEJM, 01/2010.

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Updated: 05/23/2014

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