Nephrology: Images in Clinical Medicine

Editor: V. Dimov, M.D., Assistant Professor at University of Chicago

Calciphylaxis is a syndrome of systemic medial calcification of arteries leading to tissue necrosis. Lancet, 3/3014.
Bladder Stone. NEJM, 06/2012.
Fordyce's Angiokeratomas. NEJM, 03/2012.
Patent Urachus. NEJM, 10/2011.
Renal Tuberculosis. NEJM, 09/2011.
Agitation Associated with Acute Bladder Obstruction. NEJM, 10/2010.
Bladder Diverticula. NEJM, 08/2010.

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Published: 08/21/2009
Updated: 03/21/2014

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