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Grey Turner's sign suggesting retroperitoneal haemorrhage. Lancet, 05/2014.
Abdominal-Wall Varices in the Budd–Chiari Syndrome. NEJM, 05/2014.
Biliary ileus. Lancet, 07/2012.
Meconium-like Ileus in Cystic Fibrosis. NEJM, 05/2012.
Achalasia. NEJM, 04/2012.
Intestinal Infestation with Ancylostoma ceylanicum. NEJM, 03/2012.
Kayser-Fleischer Rings in Wilson's Disease. NEJM, 03/2012.
Barium Aspiration. NEJM, 03/2012.
Pneumopericardium Associated with a Peptic Ulcer. NEJM, 12/2011.
Abdominal calcifications secondary to cysticercosis. Lancet, 12/2011.
Retinopathy caused by acute pancreatitis. Lancet, 11/2011.
Jejunal Diverticular Bleeding. NEJM, 10/2011.
Tropical Calcific Pancreatitis. NEJM, 10/2011.
Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia. NEJM, 10/2011.
Pneumatosis Cystoides Intestinalis. NEJM, 08/2011.
Syphilitic Chancre of the Tongue. NEJM, 08/2011.
Small-Intestinal Volvulus. NEJM, 07/2011.
Tongue Mucocele. NEJM, 07/2011.
Lingua villosa nigra. The Lancet, 04/2011.
Extravasation of Peripherally Administered Parenteral Nutrition. NEJM, 03/2011.
Lingual Hematoma after Thrombolytic Therapy. NEJM, 02/2011.
Sialolith of the Submandibular Salivary Gland. NEJM, 02/2011.
Madelung's Disease - benign symmetric lipomatosis related to alcoholism. NEJM, 02/2011.
Meckel's Diverticulum. NEJM, 11/2010.
A Smooth Patch on the Tongue due to rhomboid glossitis. NEJM, 11/2010.
Air in the Middle of the Abdomen due to diverticular perforation. NEJM, 10/2010.
A Foreign Body - a glass bottle of beer lodged in the sigmoid colon. NEJM, 10/2010.
Radiation Proctitis. NEJM, 09/2010.
Asterixis. NEJM, 08/2010.
Radiologic Signs of Pneumoperitoneum. NEJM, 06/2010.
Visible Peristalsis. NEJM, 06/2010.
Morgagni's Hernia. NEJM, 05/2010.
Diphyllobothrium latum during Colonoscopy. NEJM, 03/2010.
Abdominal-Wall Abscess Related to Gallbladder Adenocarcinoma. NEJM, 02/2010.
Fulminant Ulcerative Colitis. NEJM, 02/2010.
Bleeding Esophageal Varices. NEJM, 02/2010.
Hydropneumothorax. NEJM, 01/2010.
Peutz–Jeghers Syndrome. NEJM, 08/2007.
Small-Bowel Intussusception. NEJM, 12/2007.
Trichobezoar. NEJM, 11/2007.
Chronic Budd–Chiari Syndrome and Abdominal Varices. NEJM 12/2007.
Small-Bowel Obstruction. NEJM, 03/2008.
Ascariasis. NEJM, 04/2008.
Clonorchis sinensis. NEJM, 04/2008.
Giant Ovarian Cyst. NEJM, 05/2008.
Severe Constipation. NEJM, 05/2008.
Severe Kyphosis. NEJM, 06/2008.
Colonic Saccular Diverticula. NEJM, 09/2008.
Pneumopericardium. NEJM, 10/2008.
Spider Angiomas. NEJM, 01/2009.
A Tuba Player with Air in the Parotid Gland. NEJM, 02/2009.
Fecaliths in Crohn's Disease. NEJM, 05/2009.
Spontaneous Evisceration, Perforated Umbilical Hernia. NEJM, 06/2009.
Epiploic appendagitis. Lancet, 06/2009.
Ingested Magnets. NEJM, 06/2009.
Lipomatosis of the Tongue. NEJM, 06/2009.
Telltale Triangle of Pneumoperitoneum. NEJM, 07/2009.
Lupus-Associated Intestinal Vasculitis. NEJM, 07/2009.
Tortuous Varicosities in Chronic Schistosomiasis. NEJM, 08/2009.
Testicular Torsion in a Hydrocele. NEJM, 08/2009.
Esophageal Foreign Body: A Spoon. NEJM, 08/2009.
Pneumatosis Cystoides Coli. NEJM, 08/2009.
Sigmoid Volvulus. NEJM. 09/2009.
De Garengeot's Hernia. NEJM, 09/2009.
Picture quiz: Eye sign in psychosis. BMJ, 09/2009.
Uvular Necrosis after Endoscopy. NEJM, 09/2009.
An elderly woman with obstruction: obturator hernia. BMJ, 09/2009.
Pelvic Spleen. NEJM, 09/2009.
Geographic Tongue. NEJM, 11/2009.
Extensive Bowel Infarction. NEJM, 11/2009.
Ileocecal Intussusception. NEJM, 12/2009.

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Interactive Clinical Cases from NEJM

Diarrhea and A Rash Hypothesis. NEJM Interactive Clinical Case, 06/2010.

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