Electrocardiograms, X-rays, CT scans

Electrocardiograms (ECG/EKG)

ECG Wave-Maven by Harvard Medical School is a fully-fledged ECG-trainer. You can browse through typical or not so typical EKGs in the EKG World Encyclopedia by McGill University.

Check out the arrhythmia simulator by SkillStat with a play, pause and quiz mode.

ECG Web Brain is a useful online and iPad/iPod reference (no longer free, $15 per year).

Our own A Systematic Approach to Electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG) Interpretation by Using 2 Mnemonics also be helpful along with EKGs with Dr. Koch: It's Not Only Educational It's Also Fun!

Videos: ECG Video part 1: For Med Students studying the basics of reading an electrocardiogram, from the University of Wisconsin. See part 2 of the video on YouTube.

X-rays and CT scans

The University of Virginia has a comprehensive web site dedicated to CXR and CT scans. Compare what you see on the screen to the CT scans of your patient. You are not sure if this is the tail of the pancreas? Just click with the mouse and the anatomical structure is colored in red.

ICU CXR is another useful website from University of Virginia. It will answer such burning questions as "Is the central line where it is supposed to be?" or "Does he have a pneumothorax?!" LearningRadiology.com is another excellent resource.

See more links by APDIM E-Learning Task Force: Cardiac Auscultation, Chest X-Rays, Electrocardiograms, Patient Images (Dermatology), Pulmonary Function Tests and a teaching website for CT and MRI of Head, Neck, Brain, and Spine by a neuroradiology fellow at Duke University.