Nursing Home Care - Basic Rules

When is a person sent to a nursing home (NH)?

Generally, when they are not able to perform the ADL independently, and there is nobody to assist them at home.

The ADL/IADL can be remembered by the mnemonic DEATH SHAFT (Dressing, Eating, Ambulation, Toilet, Hygiene; Shopping, Housekeeping, Accounting ~ finances, Food preparation-> who’s cooking?, Transportation -> driving?). The IADL can be performed by a relative but when one or more of the five ADL are lost, then, usually, it is time to think about a NH placement.

What are the NH rules?

Every patient needs a focused history, physical exam and a SOAP note every 2 months. This is usually focused on one or two active problems from the patient's problem list or a new problem, e.g. dementia, rash, etc.

Every patient needs a complete H&P once per year.

How to approach a problem?

When you review the chart of a NH patient, check the following 4 areas:
- Problem list
- Medication list
- Previous progress notes
- Labs

If you write a SOAP note focused on a psychiatric problem (agitation, psychosis), and the medication effect, concentrate on the following questions:
- Indication for the medication?
- Is it helpful?
- Any AE?
- Should you continue the medication?

NH chart

These are the major sections of a NH chart (you can make an info sheet for each patient):
- Date of admission
- Age
- DPOA, DNR-CCA, advanced directive?
- Problem list (usually 10 problems but can be up to 25)
- H&P
- Orders sheet
- Progress notes - physicians, nursing practitioners
- Nurses notes
- Labs

Why is geriatrics different from general medicine?

There are several major differences between geriatrics and general internal medicine. Just review the table of contents of the Merck Manual of Geriatrics, and you will see the main geri topics:
- Dementia
- Delirium
- Incontinence
- Falls
- Decubitus
- End of life care
- Other

NH standing orders

Example of NH standing orders


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Published: 3/01/2005
Updated: 8/12/2005

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